Why choose Danny Seiler?


Having administered over 2,500 tests between the private sector and his days as a police officer, Danny Seiler is one of the most experienced polygraph examiners you will find.


Danny Seiler is a member in good standing with the American Polygraph Association, National Polygraph Association and is the former president of the Maryland Polygraph Association.


Taking a polygraph is a serious matter. You owe it to yourself to find an examiner who operates in a professional, reliable, and confidential manner. Danny Seiler is that examiner.

 About Danny Seiler

About Danny Seiler

Danny Seiler (or just Dan) has been active in the polygraph field since 1983 both as a police polygraphist and then later as a private examiner. He has performed over 2,500 tests continually honing his skills in advanced polygraph techniques for over three decades.
Mr. Seiler is a former president of the Maryland Polygraph Association and is an honorary lifetime member due to his high standing. Not only has Danny performed many examinations but he has also taught the profession and is a certified instructor with the Maryland training Commission.
Remember, you get what you pay for. With Danny Seiler you are getting one of the most experienced and highly respected private polygraph examiners in the United States.

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