Can You Spot The Liar?

Not very many people can tell when someone is lying.  It’s not easy to tell when someone is trying to pull the wool over our eyes.  Family, friends and others lie to us every day about little things.  We call those white lies.  With white lies, the liar may even believe that he/she is telling the lie for our own good.

There can be various reasons why people lie to us, however, in the world of polygraph a lie is a lie.   The same emotions and physical responses are triggered by both white lies and lies about serious criminal acts.  That’s why polygraph is reliable in just about any factual situation.

Polygraph is the most reliable method available to determine if someone is practicing deception.  Many studies find that polygraph results are at least 90% to 95% reliable or valid.  There are limits to the use of polygraph but I will discuss those issues in another posting.