Frequently Asked Questions


According to the American Polygraph Association (APA) when polygraph examinations are conducted within their guidelines it is between 83% – 95% effective for single issue tests.

More information about polygraph validity:  American Polygraph Association.

The results of the polygraph are considered confidential.

Those taking the polygraph will need to sign our Polygraph Release which details areas of confidentiality.

Our current prices are as follows:


Fidelity/relationship: $

Criminal issue: $

Other: $*

*Estimate only.  The cost may vary depending on the particulars of the test.


6% Maryland sales tax applies to all polygraph exams.


For bulk polygraph rates, please use the contact form.

A government-issued photo ID and a means to pay for the polygraph test.  Cash, check, and all major credit cards are accepted.

Most examiners will ask three or four relevant questions.  However, there are other type of questions asked during the exam.  The total number of questions vary but will be around 8 to 14 questions.


If more than 24 hours before the test, you can change the date or time for an additional booking deposit.  Like the original deposit this is non-refundable but will be put towards paying for the full price of the test (meaning, provided you take the test, you won’t end up paying anything additional).


Alternate ways to make an appointment:

Contact form: click here.

Phone: 301-991-4381