Cheating Wife

Cheating Girlfriend

This case involved a 45 year old woman named Judy;  she has been living in a committed relationship for 16 years  with her boyfriend Bill.  They have been living together for the last 16 years and have a young child.  Because Bill’s last wife left him for another man, Bills becomes easily suspicious of his current girlfriend.  Bill does not suspect anyone specifically but believes that his girlfriend is or has been sleeping with other men.   Judy states that she has a couple of male friends but she has never had sexual relations with anyone other than her boyfriend Bill over the last 16 years.

The following relevant questions were asked of Judy during her polygraph examination:

  1. While dating Bill did you have sexual relations with any other man?
  2. While dating Bill did you have sexual relations with any of your male friends?
  3. Did you lie to me about having sexual relations with someone else while dating Bill?


After reviewing all the polygraph charts and completing a numerical analysis, it is my opinion that the examinee responded, No Deception Indicated, to the below mentioned relevant questions.  In simple terms she was truthful about not having sexual relation with anyone else since she began dating Bill.