Sexual Child Abuse

Grandfather accused of Sexual Child Abuse

A 69 year old grandfather was accused of sexually abusing his two young grandchildren.  The case was reported and investigated by the State Social Services.  After the investigation was concluded the charges were found to be unsubstantiated.  This means that there was not enough evidence to charge the grandfather with criminal sexual abuse.  This finding left a cloud of suspicion about the allegations with family members.

This grandfather wanted to take a polygraph test to prove to family members that the allegations were untrue.

The Following Relevant Questions were asked on his polygraph test:

  1. Did you ever sexually touch your grandchildren?
  2. Did you ever sexually touch either of your grandchildren’s genitals?
  3. Did you lie to me about ever sexually touching your grandchildren?


After reviewing all the polygraph charts and completing a numerical analysis, it was my opinion that the examinee responded, No Deception Indicated, to the above
mentioned relevant questions. In simple terms, he was telling the truth when he claimed that he never sexually touched his grandchildren.